Well here goes my first blog. I don’t know how to begin so I will start off with identifying myself by introducing my name, Mehvish Jabeen Anwar. My name is something very special to me. Whether it is the continuous numerous amount of mispronunciation to the same amount of misspelling errors.

I grew up hating my name. It wasn’t normal. I could never find it on a key chain at souvenir shops, which made it abnormal right? The teachers always embarrassed me on the first day of school or when a substitute was there that day looking at the paper all weird like they didn’t know how to fucking put ‘mev’ and ‘ish’ together. However I was happy they never said my middle name during roll call. I was more embarrassed of Jabeen than I was of Mehvish. When classmates learned of my middle name I was mortified which was then transformed into “Jellybean” as my nickname. Was called this probably from 7th grade till 11th. The nickname actually made me embrace my name. Later I figured out my birthday is on national jellybean day. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

Basically long story short, the older I have become, the more I fall in love with myself, my identity, and my dope ass name. It is crazy how society works to make us less unique and all the same. To make us feel “left out” if our names are not “Brittany or Katy”. Our identities are infatuating and should be whatever the fuck we want them to be. Not what society wants. Fight those pressures. Love yourself.

Here’s to my first random blog.




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  1. teaismyjam says:

    That’s so true you know! I live in a state where everyone has very culturally Indian names and here I am with a totally different name, that is SUPER easy to say, but since it’s not Indian, it becomes something alien. I’ve learned to enjoy it over the years and now I don’t really give a damn about the people who cannot pronounce it. I celebrate the ones who can, and I continue loving my name! 😃

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    1. Thank you for your response!! I’m sure your name is beautiful!

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  2. As a great and passionate lover of jellybeans (not kidding, I am addicted to the things!) I must say Congrats! Thanks so much for liking and following my blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! And no problem I love it

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