So I took upon myself to get involved with the “Daily Post Challenge” responding to today’s one word prompt. Here goes my first one.


 a powerful desire for something

Craving is the smell of my coffee in the morning as I read news articles of our on going bustling world we live in. –> Hillary and Trump

Craving is waiting for the clock to strike 4:30 so I can go home and hug my significant other for how I missed and longed of him during the day. His scent. His nurturing. His love.

Craving is getting into my comfortable pajamas and opening up my cabinet full of colored sharpie pens. To let my mind go to work on paper. For my eyes to see the beauty of color collaboration.

Craving is the peace of relaxing on the couch as my beautiful black cat sits next to me purring. Quiet yet an understood friendship and companionship beside me.

Craving is when I step off of the airplane, crossing off another destination from the list of the world to explore.

These are moments I crave.


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  1. teaismyjam says:

    Beautifully written! I enjoyed this post and yes, I too crave for some of these moments.

    Liked by 1 person

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