I have realized I am a very passionate human. I am very empathetic to one’s struggle. I portray heavy emotion to something I understand or yet empathize with. Recently I have been told it’s naive of me to be so emotional to something I have no control over, to struggles I cannot fix.

Lately, this year..we, as a society in America, have witnessed a lot. We have seen a movement arise at a ravenous rate. A movement to some that hold dearly to their hearts, yet a movement to others that portray a mere fabrication of their imagination.

We have witnessed one of the most absurd dumbfounding elections in history created at this day and age of information. How is it that we live among one another with such drastic differences and understandings of values in life? Such a naive question.

Why is it that my white fellow acquaintances post pictures of their animals, sororities and fraternities, happy moments on their feeds…?

Yet my fellow brown/black acquaintances are mourning, crying, frustrated in their lives of the following events that have been unfolding in our country…?

Why is it that people are supporting a person who has portrayed hate against Women, Disabled, Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims..etc?

Why is it that people are supporting a person who has “mysteriously” lost 40+ colleagues to suicide as if it is normal?

What is this generation, this time that we are currently experiencing? What will this era be called in 100 years? In a few centuries? In history? The Internet Era? Social Media Generation?

What is this life we are living and the values we are supporting so blindly?


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